Between the Keys

The Mystery of Corigliano's Solo Keyboard Works
A Project by Pianist Alexandre Moutouzkine


There is a mystery hidden between the keys of American composer John Corigliano’s piano works. Pianist Alexandre Moutouzkine unravels that mystery by offering a rare insight into the endless creativity, imagination and inspiration of Coriglianos music.

Mr. Moutouzkine has been selected by the composer to champion his complete works for solo piano, which include a recently completed arrangement of Corigliano’s vastly popular Red Violin Caprices. This compelling hour of listening enables us to experience Corigliano’s varied palate, interwoven with an informative narrative that reveals its inner workings. What makes this project truly unique is that the composer himself, in addition to pianist Alexander Moutouzkine, will provide the descriptions and personal stories behind the creative processes that inform his music. A new and exciting feature will be the addition of a live videoconference with John Corigliano himself during some of the presentations. Depending on scheduling and availability, the composer will also appear live on stage to engage with the audience.


Etude-Fantasy (composed in 1976)    

Fantasia on an ostinato (composed in 1985)

Winging it (composed in 2009)

Red Violin Caprices (composed in 1999, arranged for piano in 2009)


The duration of the program (performance and narrative) is approximately 60 – 70 minutes without intermission. A videoconference extends the presentation by 10 -20 minutes. An intermission can be added at the discretion of the presenter.