Critical Acclaim


“Alexandre Moutouzkine began the program with three of Rachmaninoff’s Op. 23 Preludes… Moutouzkine’s delicate phrasing here was exemplary…[he] achieved high-Romantic ardor here perfectly, without making it a caricature of itself.”

Theater Jones

“Remember his name…[Alexandre Moutouzkine is] poised to join the pantheon of greats…powerful when needed, exquisitely tender in romantic passages…breathtaking arpeggios… sheer poetry… Moutouzkine performed [a] heart-wrenchingly beautiful cadenza with soul, heart, and mastery… Had we, the audience, ever really heard the ‘Rach 3’ before? Or been so intensely moved and involved before? The simple answer is ‘No, we had not.’ Moutouzkine outperformed even the composer himself. Elegant, emotional and virtuosic, his was a performance to be treasured by an artist of true genius. Of the concert, a friend, a life-long music lover, said it was ‘the best she had ever attended.’ That sentiment was echoed by the audience, and by this reviewer.”

Greenwich Citizen

“Two glorious, fleeting hours! Alexandre Moutouzkine took command of the stage…and presented a program of refined and unsurpassed quality…Moutouzkine possesses an enormously large and natural technique, he uses it wisely and solely for the purpose of making great music.”

The Newberry Observer

“Moutouzkine attacked the piece in a way that left the audience spellbound… Moutouzkine’s delicate handling of the piece along with his extremely accurate, yet emotional interpretation left many of the audience members in tears.”

The Maroon

“Moutouzkine…elicit[ed] a fully orchestral palette from his keyboard…he is one of those pianists whose command is so natural and comfortable there seems to be no space between player and instrument.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“…everything in [Moutouzkine’s] Brahms betokened thought and dedication, and key phrases were lovingly turned.”

Dallas Morning News

“Alexandre Moutouzkine, the Gold Medalist, performed a brilliant rendition of Ravel’s ‘La Valse’ that garnered an immediate standing ovation from the audience.”

Classy Classical

“With his brawny but delicate sonority, Moutouzkine delivered everything [Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini] demands. His presence on Astral Artists’ roster promises more Philadelphia-area appearances. Lucky us…”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The surprise was not in witnessing Moutouzkine in performance but to observe how he has mastered Cuban rhythms and timbres, atmospheres and cultural contexts.”

Musica Antigua (Havana, Cuba)

“Moutouzkine opened the program with three of Rachmaninoff’s Op. 23 Preludes, delivered with the freewheeling dreaminess more often heard on scratchy old recordings from the 1920s and ’30s. The effect was hypnotic.”

GuideLive (The Dallas Morning News)

“The recital, not only a generous gift to the Cuban people, was also a lesson in how to disseminate and interpret the music of Cuban composers. The artistry and sensitivity of Alexandre Moutouzkine interpreting Cuban music truly made magic.…everything was perfection, his virtuosity and technical prowess….Moutouzkine internalized the individual sound world of the 23 composers whose music he performed. Moutouzkine is an artist able to transform himself without losing his identity.…He was one and many at the same time, offering the diversity of the periods and styles in the purest unity of concept and historical continuity.”

Radio Musical Nacional (Havana, Cuba)

“…Moutouzkine was once again spectacular and impressive with Tchaikowsky’s First Piano Concerto. He is a passionate musician, with the artistic ability to rise above the orchestra to maximum effect.”

Dallas Morning News

“…fasten your seatbelt for all future performances.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“…sprightly and at the same time astonishingly inspired…Moutouzkine performed not only with mastery, but also with magnificent brilliance and energy…”

Daily News, Russia

“But how lovingly, how tenderly he caressed the lyric music, sometimes stretching the pulse quite daringly, and the scherzo glittered with myriad felicities of touch and taper.”

Dallas Morning News

“The most impressive quality in Moutouzkine’s playing, for me at least, was the beauty of tone he extracts from this presumed ‘percussion instrument.’ Never once, in even the loudest passages, was there an ugly moment.”

“In the passages with the piano alone, is seemed as if the sound of the piano occupied a space larger than the hall itself, transporting the listener quite completely. A joy and an encouragement to hear.”

Ellsworth American

“An elegantly played ‘Three Songs’ underscored how much this pianist was in his natural element interpreting Chopin, whose melodic gifts were conveyed in the pianist’s whispered light touch.”

Baltimore Sun

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“[Violinist Jun] Iwasaki and [Alexandre] Moutouzkine gave a bang-up account of American composer Paul Schoenfield’s Four Souvenirs: a ‘Samba’ that really gets down, a dreamy ‘Tango,’ a surprisingly gentle ‘Tin Pan Alley’ and, with quite a bit of boogie-woogie mixed in, a virtuoso ‘Square Dance. On his own, Moutouzkine made Ravel’s La valse high drama, from opening rumbles, to waltzes that really danced and stretched their legs to an orgiastic climax.”

Dallas Morning News

“…grandly organic, with many personal and pertinent insights, offering a thoughtful balance between rhetoric and fantasy…technically dazzling.”

International Piano Magazine

“Few pianists can play the Rachmaninoff third piano concerto because of its demands on technique, concentration and endurance. Moutouzkine transcended these demands with intellectual clarity. He was able to articulate connections within the work that few manage to consider simply because they are busy with the notes themselves…the explosive technical command during the final pages of the work left us in awe…amazingly super-charged, virtuosic…”

Connecticut Post

“The concert felt like the beginning of a career that will matter…Moutouzkine’s kind of talent has an impact on his surroundings…His technique is crisp, his sonority bright and clean, giving clarity to his musical choices, but heat to the conviction behind them…Moutouzkine made each [of Scriabin’s Etudes, Op. 8] a glimpse into a larger individual world…Moutouzkine maintained an honest clarity that let you feel the fissures in the piece’s emotional foundation. His soft playing wasn’t just pretty, it was deep…”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“I look for musical eloquence and personality, and I ask myself if there is something that moves me about [a] performance. Alexander had this, the quality that I call poetry on the piano.”

Times Picayune

“But how lovingly, how tenderly he caressed the lyric music, sometimes stretching the pulse quite daringly, and the scherzo glittered with myriad felicities of touch and taper.”

Dallas Morning News

“Pianist Alexandre Moutouzkine gave his Florida debut…and what a performance it was. We heard passion, intensity, virtuosity, control, style, maturity – everything one could ask for in a recital, and all from a man of only 22.”

Palm Beach Daily News

“…remarkably mature and stylistically excellent performance…”

New York Concert Review